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HD for Spalywood!

 Belgium-based production company Spalywood (seen here in a variety of natural poses) and principal film-maker Herr Spaly has a penchant for forests, streams, marshes and other environments that present challenges to both man and machine.

 AV group Belgium

Located in Belgium but working in Germany, Mr Spaly mostly shoots fauna and flora using telephoto lenses. The man who supplied him with the Arrow HD support system is AV Group's Serge Peeters, comments, "Conditions are usually very difficult for the Spaylwood team, with extremes of cold, strong biting winds and treacherous bogs. That's why he chose the Miller Arrow HD tripod it offers excellent stability for videographers and cinematographers shooting a large percentage of telephoto work under challenging conditions."

AV group BelgiumThanks to Serge and his growing team, Miller's customer base in Germany continues to grow, particularly in the EFP location production business, where customers are valuing the whole Arrow HD package: stability, reliability; cost-effectiveness; 3 year warranty; and good, old-fashioned customer support which Ian O'Connor and Kevin Bendall from Miller Europe, and Serge Peeters, deliver by the bucketload.
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