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Wes moving smooth with Miller

Sports, concerts, Christian spectaculars – anything that calls for creative location shots on the fly – are wes1 the preferred domain of Sydney-based cinematographer Wesley Nott.

Wes’ has the classic cameraman’s background, starting as a stagehand and camera assistant at Sydney’s Channel 9, before moving on to loggers/editors assistant with NBC at the Sydney Olympics. He now owns Amethyst Productions, specialising in production & editing for weddings,
live bands, TVCs, music clips and short films.

Though Wes now shoots with Miller’s DS10 DV support system, he cut his teeth on our wooden sticks.

“During my educational career, I came to use many different brands of camera support within varying conditions and in all types of nasty weather, and Miller quickly became a favourite, due to its non-failing versatility throughout all scenarios.”

“Miller has always been my first choice for tripods and camera support, due to its durability, fluid movement, and lightweight design: particularly important factors when considering gear for a documentary shoot in the Soloman Islands in late 2003. The shoot required very quick repositioning, trekking through thick jungle, and setting up on very uneven surfaces.”

“There was a lot of shooting in and around creeks, rivers and in the ocean. Miller always exceeded my 
 expectations amongst the very wet, muddy and humid environments I encountered.”

Wesley is currently overseeing multimedia production for a National youth leadership conference, wes2“Phenomena”, running for four nights each in three different capital cities around Australia. Working with four young producers, they are creating the visual content that will be making up a large part of the production for each night of the conference. Once again, Miller camera support products will be extensively utilized to fulfill the needs of the production.

Caption: Wes is seen here in action under the Sydney Harbour bridge, shooting a spectacular sunrise, and some general harbour cutaways with his trusty Miller DS10 tripod supporting a Canon XL1. “It was 6.30am, and was already around 30 degrees Celsius!”

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