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New ArrowX Series of Fluid Heads

23 January 2017 Posted in: Videos
New ArrowX Series of Fluid Heads

Miller Camera Support, LLC, a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions, will be unveils arrowX Series. An evolution of the company’s popular Arrow Series, this new range of fluid heads will include the arrowX 3, arrowX 5 and arrowX 7.

CX LAUNCH | IBC | 15-19 SEP. 2017


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Ketch Rossi | Cinematographer

When accomplished director and cinematographer Ketch Rossi looked to upgrade his current tripod system, he decided on the Cineline 70 Fluid Head by Miller Camera Support, a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions. Having only used the Cineline 70 for a short time, the industry veteran quickly learned that the fluid head could offer a setup he had never seen before in his 25 years in the film industry.

Silver Dory Productions

Glen Ryan is an Australian visual artist and filmmaker best known for his panoramic print series and motion pieces featuring Australian landscapes captured with near-infrared light.

In 2013 Glen collaborated with film-maker James van der Moezel to create silver dory productions - a creative agency specialising in near-infrared and full-spectrum imaging. Their first release was the short near-infrared motion piece 'karst country'. In 2015 this concept was expanded significantly with the release of what has been described as the world's first feature length near-infrared film - 'BRINDABELLAS | edge of light'.

Derek Frankowski | Photographer

Derek Frankowski is a visually driven person that has a passion for good light and good coffee. Raised in the Canadian prairies where the environment had a huge impact on his style and appreciation for light, Derek began his career as professional photographer in Action Sports. Following a decade of travelling capturing athletes in environments around the globe he Co-Created the film Life Cycles. A film that is credited with re-inventing the Action Sports film genre and sent Derek in a new direction capturing moving pictures.

Levi Whitney | Director of Photography

Levi Whitney was first introduced to film at a very young age, his passion for creativity never was set, and it never left. Growing up he was a competitive freestyle mogul skier, and was always exposed to amazing cameras, this intrigued him to want to learn more. Years went by when he finally decided that being a cinematographer was the career path of choice.

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