The ArtX Fluid Head Series

16 December 2021 Posted in: NewsVideos
The ArtX Fluid Head Series

ArtX Fluid Head series - compact, light & packed with versatile cinematic features.

ArtX is a new concept whereby the fluid head is supplied in a “naked core” form.

In its naked state the ArtX Naked allows to user to choose a sliding platform, pan handle and tripod attachment. The user who owns an inventory of peripherals has the capacity to customise the fluid head specifically for the requirements of the shoot.

ArtX series comprises of three models of naked heads ArtX 3 (Cat#1114), ArtX 5 (Cat#1116) and ArtX 7 (Cat#1118), with a load capacity of 8kg (17.6lbs), 10kg (22lbs) and 14kg (30.8lbs) respectively. All come with 15+0 positions of counterbalance whereas the ArtX 3 and ArtX 5 have 0+3 positions of pan and tilt drag, while ArtX 7 has 0+5.

ArtX is a flat base head, so it may be attached directly to a slider or similar device. When attaching to a tripod there is a choice from 75mm (Cat#1288) claw ball, 100mm (Cat#1290) claw ball and/or 150mm (Cat#1295) claw ball. When a more rigid fixture is required, Cat#1225 Mitchell base adaptor may be used.

Additionally the ArtX 7 has been equipped with a 30% heavier drag then its siblings to accommodate heavier loads such as longer lenses.

ArtX delivers the ability to build a great set of tools which provides all the flexibility and versatility that may be desirable on different occasions. Don’t be hindered by your equipment make ArtX your choice to ensure optimal results.

ArtX is well priced, comes with a three year warranty and is available from Miller Authorised dealers.

Click here to watch a hint of Miller's ArtX potential and capabilities.

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