• Ultra light carbon fibre tube design.
  • Sturdy reliable operation.
  • 3 Stage rapid lock extensions.
  • Carry strap for transport.
  • Non-skid rubber foot with swivel action.
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Solopod has always been the choice for videographers and photographers who need the lightest camera support, are limited in working spaces or for events where they are constantly on the move.

Now featuring a unique non-skid swivel foot, Solopod is more versatile than ever. The ultra-stable, precision made, Solo Pod has a 3 stage telescopic leg treated with the same comfortable neoprene grip well known to the Solo range of products. Boasting a height range of 560-1735mm (22.5”-66.3"), the Solo Pod weighing only 0.8kg (1.8 lbs) is the lightweight addition to your camera support kit, a must for those tight-fit, on the go applications in the field.

Specification - Solopod

Maximum Payload Capacity10kg (22lbs)
Weight0.8kg (1.8lbs)
Leg MaterialCarbon fibre
Compatible Accessories

EAN | UPC | GTIN 9354041000040

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