Arrowx 7 Combo Live 30 Pedestal

  • 7 selectable positions of fluid pan and tilt drag + 0.
  • 16 position CB Plus™ counterbalance system.
  • Wide payload range 6-25kg (13.2-55.1lbs).
  • Wideheight range 972mm (38.2”) up to 1537mm (60.5”).
  • Precise, smooth and low noise In-shot column with 450mm (17.7”) stroke.
  • Air adjustable column system for quick payload balancing.
  • Independent dolly wheel axle brake system eliminates wheel tyre indents.
  • Multiple wheel positions for linear or radius dolly tracking.
  • 125mm (4.9”) dual ball bearing wheels for quick swivel-turn action.
  • Centre hub locking column with adjustable spider arm supports.
  • Steering wheel diameter 294mm (11.6”).
  • Dolly tracking width 970mm (38.2”).
  • Sturdy adjustable cable guards.
  • Portable hand pump with pressure gauge.
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The 3260 Arrowx 7 Combo Live 30 pedestal offers light weight portability employing an air adjustable column system that delivers perfect camera balance with a height range of 972mm (38.2”) up to 1537mm (60.5”) with precise, smooth, low noise in-shot 450mm (17.7”) elevation stroke for payloads 6-25kg (13.2-55.1lbs).

Dual ball bearing wheels individually fitted with axial brakes deliver even and smooth effortless movement, featuring multiple wheel locking positions for linear or radius dolly tracking.

With its sturdy construction it delivers maximum stability with reliable and simple to use features.

The 3260 comes fitted with Arrowx 7 fluid head which features a wide payload range, precision fluid drag and Miller’s innovative 16 position CB Plus™ counterbalance system, Arrowx 7 delivers the flexibility, speed of set up and accuracy of shot, professionals expect and demand.

6-25kg (13.2-55.1lbs) payload range and 7 + 0 selectable pan-tilt fluid drag positions make Arrowx7 ideal for Studio and EFP enabling it to be used with a wide range of cameras, lenses and accessories and offering.

This makes the Combo Live 30 Pedestal series a high performer offering perfect option for live broadcast studios looking for a versatile pedestal that punches above its weight.

Specification - Arrowx 7 Combo Live 30 Pedestal

Payload Range6.0-25.0kg (13.2-55.1lbs)
Weight21.8kg (48.0lbs)
Height Range972-1537mm (38.2-60.5")
Mounting BaseØ100mm (3.9”) ball levelling
Column In-Shot Stroke450mm (17.7")
Steering Wheel DiameterØ294mm (11.6")
Tracking Width970mm (38.2")
Wheel DiameterØ125mm (4.9")
1076Arrowx 7 fluid head
6962 x Pan handle - telescopic with clamp
3220Combo Live 30 pedestal
Compatible Accessories

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