Winners of 2021 Miller Survey Competition

July 14, 2021 Posted in: News
Winners of 2021 Miller Survey Competition


Our congratulations to:

  •    David Twilleager who won the 1st prize, a ‘System 3714, CX2 head with Solo Q three stage carbon fiber tripod and case’,
  •    Nino Tamburri won the 2nd prize, a ‘System 3001, Air head with Solo two stage alloy’
  •    and finally Dorothy Dickie who won 3rd Prize, a ‘Cat 311 Solo Pod Mono Pod’.

We thank everyone who has participated in the survey, and wish you good luck next time. Delighted to say the response was overwhelming, over double the last survey. Also over 80% of the respondents answered the competition question correctly, the winners’ name were drawn at random for the correct answers.

This is what the winners had to say when they received the news:

“I have used several different types of tripods over the years and have found the Miller brand to be one of the best and most reliable out there on the market. I am excited to be able to put this new Miller 3714 with CX2 head to work in the multiple events that I do throughout the year.”
- David Twillleager

“ Miller support systems have been my choice as a DP in the film industry for over 20 years. The reliability and user experience is surpassed only by the fact that they are an Australian company with excellent local support.”
-Nino Tamburri

"I've used Miller tripods at work and know how good they are, robust but light and easy to use. I have always wanted to own one myself.  When I was last at NAB I would drag my friend to the Miller booth every day in hope of winning one in their daily draws and wouldn't you know it, HE won the tripod on the last draw of the last day!  Needless to say, I am looking forward to using the monopod which I bet will be as good as the tripods I have used.  Thanks Miller!"
Dorothy Dickie

Once again thank you for you valuable feedback which helps us to serve you better.

If you have any comments be sure to contact us on We will endeavor to respond to every comment in a timely manner.

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