The ArtX Fluid Head Series

December 16, 2021 Posted in: NewsVideos
The ArtX Fluid Head Series

ArtX is a new concept whereby the fluid head is supplied in a “naked core” form. In its naked state the ArtX Naked allows to user to choose a sliding platform, pan handle and tripod attachment. The user who owns an inventory of peripherals has the capacity to customise the fluid head specifically for the requirements of the shoot.

I've had THIS TRIPOD for over a DECADE | Droi Media

Adam of Droi media reviews his decade old Miller tripod - "I have had, used, and loved my Miller DS10 tripod for over a decade now..."

CX8 Fluid Head Review | Black Raven Films

Adam Kilbourn of Black Raven Films presents their review of the Miller Fluid Head CX8.

Solo-Q Tripod Series

December 2, 2020 No comments Posted in: NewsVideos
Solo-Q Tripod Series

Solo, introduced by Miller in 2003, became an overnight success, as a sturdy, spreader-less, and lightweight tripod. In 2009, Rapid lock was announced, improving Solo’s speed of set up significantly. In 2020 Miller is now adding Q-Lock and renaming Solo to Solo-Q.

EACampos | ArrowX 7 Review

Sharing the new ArrowX 7 fluid head and Sprinter II tripod system review.

Close collaboration by our partner EACAMPOS-Vídeo Profissional and Golpe Filmes, supported by Miller Tripods.

AbelCine | CX Fluid Head Series Review

Jem Schofield gives an overview of the new Miller CX line of fluid heads, along with a practical demonstration of how to use their CB Plus 16-step counterbalance system.

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