The New Sprinter 75mm

January 7, 2021 No comments Posted in: News

Miller introduces the 75mm version of the well-known and proven Sprinter II - our response to Miller customers’ demands, particularly for capturing news, where a sturdy, lightweight and easy to set up tripod is required. The new 75mm range consists of the #1620, an above ground spreader version and the #1620G, a ground spreader model.

Sprinter II employs the patented Miller design that enables the leg stages to be adjusted independently via two leg locks (dual action leg lock). This is conveniently located at hip level, thus eliminating the need for the operator for further physical stress.

The dual action leg lock system is designed for operators who require speed and convenient setup without compromise. By placing independent leg lock levers adjacent to each other, both the upper and lower stages can be operated in unison or independently from one single location.

Furthermore, the leg assemblies are integrated with the 75mm die-cast alloy bowl, resulting in a highly rigid tripod no matter what height you operate with. The unique intertwined layered method of construction for the carbon fibre gives the tripod tubes incredible stiffness to the leg assembly.

Weighing only 3.2kg (7.0lbs) with a capacity of 30kg (66lbs), #1620 is fitted with #593 mid-level spreader which has a height range of 600-1530mm (23.6 -60.4”) and wraps up to a transport length of 700mm (27.6”). #1620G uses #470 ground spreader, which results in a height range of 440-1530mm (17.3-60.4").  All other specifications are the same as #1620.

The #593 mid-level spreader is ideal for setup on steps, slopes or uneven, rocky terrain. The telescoping arms allow extension of the tripod leg without detaching the spreader.

Employing the flexible arms #411 on ground spreader with pullover rubber stirrups, allows a very quick to set up requiring minimal maintenance and can be used on even and semi-even ground.

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