HD Dolly


HD Tripod Dolly

to suit HD Studio Tripod (3354)
  • Compact and portable with carry handle.
  • Supports payloads up to 200 kg (440.1 lbs).
  • Independent dolly wheel axle brake system eliminates wheel tyre indents.
  • Multiple wheel positions for linear or radius dolly tracking.
  • 125mm (4.9”) dual ball bearing wheels for quick swivel-turn action.
  • Dolly tracking width 970mm (38.2”).
  • Sturdy adjustable cable guards.
  • Quick fold away design.
  • Suited for HD Studio Tripod (3354)
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This HD Dolly is designed for use with HD Studio Tripod (3354), this dolly can support loads up to 200kg (441lbs) with a footprint diameter of 1120mm (44.1").

Rigid alloy arms are mounted to a billet alloy centre frame, arms can be pivoted for transportation.

The dolly also includes adjustable cable guards and independent tracking positions located at each wheel, wheels are locked internally so wheel tread remains dent free.

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Specification - HD Tripod Dolly

Maximum Payload Capacity200kg (440.9lbs)
Weight9.2kg (20.2lbs)
Transport Length760mm (29.9”)
Footprint Diameter1120mm (44.1”)
Tracking Width970mm (38.2”)
Wheel Diameter125mm (4.9”)

EAN | UPC | GTIN 9354041001245

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